Animations questions

Hi, first sorry for my English, I’m new with EU4, i come from Unity.
This question is independent of the engine with which I’m working i think.

I’m not an artist (I like code) and everything related to animation is my problem. but I see no other solution but to learn. In unity could use UFPS (a third party asset) , which saved me from creating lots of animations.

So my questions are:

  1. Is it possible to use, for example, arms animations from “Shoter Game” example, in other rigged arms ?

  2. I assume that the answer to (1) is “NO” directly. But if so, What should I do to use these animations then?

  3. Assuming then that the solution is simply to create new animations. What do you recommend? (given my economy, probably i use Blender), all other options are extremely expensive for me.
    I know there are thousands of tutorials on the web, but if you want to recommend me one yo are welcome.

thank you very much :slight_smile:


  1. not easy, i wouldn’t
  2. again i wouldn’t, been trying that to much hassle
  3. use blender and make your own.

hopefully i’ll be doing something along these lines in the near future

As a reply to 1.) If the shooter game has keyframed animation for the arms I think animation retargeting might help. There are some tutorials on the forum for the same.