Animations no longer looping correctly after re-targeting.

Hey there, I’m very new to UE5 and UE in general, so I may not describe everything very well! I’m adding root motion to the third person template and have almost everything working correctly. I’ve been trying to import animations from Mixamo and re-target them to the UE5 mannequin. This process was pretty extensive but I’ve managed to recreate the UE5 manny with virtual bones and these animations are now driving player movement as expected.

The problem is, animations generated by my ik retargeter don’t loop correctly (though they match up fine in the editor). It seems the last frame no longer matches the first due to the translation process (I’ve matched most settings up with the UE4_UE5 retargeter).

It is possible to overcome this by inputting animations without movement, but this is obviously required for the root motion I’m trying to implement. I’ve had a good look at the animation generated and it seems the pelvis bone location is changing over the course of the animation and isn’t ‘reset’ by the end. I’m not sure if this is a bug I’ve run into or a mistake on my end.

Any help with this would be appreciated!