Animations get messed up

Hey guys,

I’m really new to Unreal Engine and 3DS Max. Recently I downloaded some Animations in .bip-Format and I wanted to transform them into fbx (obviously, since I want to use them in Unreal). So I created a standard Biped in 3DS Max and stripped the anim to that skeleton. This first atempt didn’t work, because the root-bone is called differently than the one in the UE4-Mannequin. To fix that I renamed all the bones in the Biped skeleton to match the mannequin.

That enabled me to import it into UE4, but the animation was really f**ked up. Both thigh-bones are rotated by 180°, though in different directions. The pelvis however is right. Both arm are rotated by some random amount, the clavicle_l is also rotated by 180° (check out the attachments)

The same thing happens when I import an fbx File into 3ds max. I can’t import them directly into unreal, because they don’t have a root bone to them.

None of that stuff is part of the animations, nor did it happen in Max. Also, when I fix the bones more or less within Unreal to somewhat match the real animation, but even then the animation doesn’t play correctly. It seems like the animation is playing like a double additive, if that makes any sense, because some rotations look like they are twice as strong.

Is there anything, that might cause this? Do you think this is a problem in 3ds max or in unreal (let’s not cal it “problem”, because it’s propably not a software bug, but instead mis-use from my side^^) ? I couldn’t find anything on the web and I have no clue what else to do.

I already moved the root-bone to 0,0,0; I tried different rotaions of the root bone and settings when exporting regarding the up-axis, to make sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the coordinate system - which it doesn’t…

Do you guys have any Idea?
Thanks in advance.