Animations can be different on each client - Is this ok?

After getting all my character animations up and running the way I like, I stumbled on a potential issue and wonder how others are dealing with it.

It’s actually quite simple. While the animations are running (walk, run, shoot, etc) it’s possible that my character dies. Currently I set the SimulatesPhysics to true and let the physics engine take over. Because the character is in the middle of another animation, the affect looks very realistic. However, I’ve noticed that the final location of the dead character can be very different on each client. This appears to be due to each client being in a slightly different phase of the animation (due to slight lag). If the game has hills and stairs near where the player dies, the location of the player’s final resting place could be much different on other clients due to rolling or sliding. This would make looting and other game mechanics a bit more complicated.

Is there a better way to engage the ragdoll affect and have the player’s resting area the same on all clients?

I was also facing this problem making a single character model and engaging it into other different characters which is a project of client. After so much messy information around the internet i found frame picker somewhere in the adobe blogs. It helps in the visual preview and helps you to select the initial frame of that graphic symbol. You can find it in the edit mode and couldn’t make it preview without getting within the symbol. This attribute inflate user experience for animation workflow like Lip-Sync.

Step 1 : Select Graphic Symbol > Properties Panel > Looping > Use Frame Picker
Button to display Frame Picker / Select Window > Frame Picker


Step 2 : The selected symbol will be displayed in the frame picker panel.

Step 3 : Click on any given frames on the first frame to set it on the selected symbol.

These options are available in frame picker panel;

  • List
  • Thumbnail
  • Keyframe
  • Pin Current Symbol
  • Launch a new Frame Picker Panel
  • Loop
  • Slider / Slider Left or Right Button
  • Filter Frame Dropdown

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