Animation workflow question (Maya LT animation to Unreal Engine)

Sorry to ask about Maya workflow here, but I was really hoping someone using Maya LT could answer a question so I could import animations to Unreal Engine.

In Maya when animating characters for game engine use, is it proper to do all your animations in the same timeline (Walk, Run, Jump, Death, attack, etc), and then export out each animation clip by frame start and frame end using the Game Exporter settings?

I used to use Blender where we put each animation into it’s own separate timeline, so you’d never have animations playing back to back in the same timeline/sequence. I’m not sure if I’m thinking wrong that Maya does it differently.

Thank you for your time!

You can export as separate animations inside UE4, or there is also a tool that allows you to cut the animations directly inside UE4, but is not as user-friendly as in Maya, so my advice would be to do everything inside Maya and then export in UE4.

It looks like Maya’s “Game Exporter” is set up for everything to be in one large timeline, then you specify the animation clip start and ends before export. Thanks!