Animation with motion controllers / controller axis sticks

I’m not at this point yet, however, I was hoping for a couple of ideas on how to do this correctly.

Begin scene:

Player uses the normal controller axis to move into the room, and sits down (this part is the normal controller config - I’m good with this). Player sits down, and they grab a Chinese puzzle box from the ground. This is the part where I’m stuck at. When they use the left axis, it should animate the box/hands so it turns left/right/forward/backward so the player can look at it. With the right axis, this should animate the thumb: back, forward, left, right, circle, etc… basically the avatar thumb would follow what their actual thumb is doing.

With the motion controllers, it should be set up a bit differently, where the actual movements would be:

  • Trigger buttons (grip box and attach to controller that is being triggered)
  • Axis: Thumb movements

Any ideas on how I would implement this?