Animation Walk Sprint replication problem

I have been all the week modifying the Animation BP a lot and right now I broke something that I can not identify…
I guess its an easy question.

SERVER can see CLIENT walking and sprinting animations and their correct speeds. Also can see himself doing it fine.
CLIENT can see himself doing all right but can NOT see SERVER animations, stay frozen but correct speeds.

Any ideas to check?
Thnx as always!

PS: I use blendspace 2d logic with Speed and Direction vars

How your Speed and Direction values are set inside your logic?

Also, keep in mind that Remote Clients only have access to its own Player Controller, if you are trying to access other’s Player Controllers, such as from Server Client, you won’t get any Rotation value different than (0,0,0).

A good workaround would be to create a replicated float variable for each axis of your interest, such as Pitch and Yaw, and update them locally from server side only.

I divided Get Velocity -> Vector Lenght with Max Speed which is located inside Movement Manager as component inside Controller.
I need to get -1 1 instead of speed number.
Ill take the variable to a new one in Character and do the change.
Once I get back home and test it, Ill tell ya!!

Have sense what you say.
Thank you.

Worked fine to make that value go to character and call it there. :smiley:


If you want to know more about how replication works in UE4, I suggest you read this doc

Yeah thnx.
I already have it in my desktop for checking things but sometimes you forget what you just learned.
Anyway, there are still some concepts which I dont have so clear on my head.