Animation Stops After Respawn

Hello I’m still fairly new to Unreal Engine’s visual scripting system and I can’t get past this problem. I have a healthpack that, once run over, despawns and then respawns after a given time. It has an animation I keep in constant (a simple rotation), but whenever the healthpack respawns the animation stops dead, even though it says it’s running in the Blueprint editor.

The way I have it set up is two actors; one is the health pickup and the other is the respawn pad. the respawn pad is the actor placed within the world, and it spawns the health pack once the game is initiated. Here are screenshots:


When the player collides with the pickup, it gives health and despawns:


When the pickup isn’t present, it respawns after a delay:


When the game starts, the Health Pickup Blueprint is spawned:


When the pickup is present, the animation runs. Problem is, it stops when the pickup is respawned. It constantly runs the animation even after the pickup despawns.

I did have the animation logic placed in the Health Pickup Blueprint, but it would run an error whenever the pickup despawned and the animation was trying to run. It would continue to rotate no problem when it respawned, but when I transfered the logic to the Health Spawn Blueprint, it stops entirely. The error log doesn’t appear anymore, just this problem that has me confused. Any help would be appreciated!

Hey there, you should do this another way. I’ll walk you through it from the screenshots you’ve sent me:

  1. The first screenshot is fine.
  2. The second screenshot do this:

  1. The third screenshot, delete everything.
  2. The forth screenshot, right click on the Return Value of the spawn and pick promote to variable and name it Health Pack.
  3. The fifth screenshot, replace the get all actor of class and the get 0 with just Get Health Pack and connect there what was once before in get 0.

if your pickup is just rotating you could also use the rotating actor component.

It works now, and I replaced the RotationAnimation with a simple Rotate Actor Component. Thank you very much!

Good to know :slight_smile: