Animation stop playing when leave collision box

My 1st person charachter have sphere collision, and my AI enemy have sphere collision.

In AI enemy BP, to EVENT TICK is attached “CastTo1stPerson BP”, and then checks IsOverlapping Actor is equal to player and AI collision - if is, then it set boolean variable “CanKick” to positive, if not it sets to negative.

So in AnimGraph, in TransitionNode betwen AI idle and kick sequence - I read that variable “CanKick” via TryGetPywnOwner and if positive then character make kick animation, if not it goes to idle.

But problem is If I quick leave a collision with enemy AI - enemy dont make kick sequence to the end, he stops and goes to idle.
If I wait in collision, then he do a sequence to the end.

I want that even if I quick leave a collision, that AI do sequence to the end and then goes to idle.

I remeber that in older version in UE I just check some option, but cant remeber where it is.

I use 4.17 version.

Anybody? How to set animation to make sequence to the end - no matter if is still in collision?

Ok - I found it, I just checked “Automatic Rule Based” in “false” rule.