Animation state to level blueprint

I’m wondering how I can use the animation state of my character to update the level blueprint.

Essentially I have a character climbing up a tree to grab an apple. The collision capsule is not following the character - it’s an extremely simple set up I’m just using input “W” and input “S” to drive animations of the character climbing up and down the tree. I’ve attached an image of the state tree.

Once he gets to the top idle position, I have an animation of him reaching out to grab the apple and then jumps off the tree. There are two things that I want to happen here: I want to parent the apple object to a socket on the character’s hand and I also want to end the game leading to an image “play again?”. Very odd indeed - this is a prototype for a museum exhibit.

I’m currently at a complete dead end on how to accomplish this - I want input “W” to drive the last animation, but I’m not sure how to tell the level blueprint to trigger the end of the game and to parent the apple to the character’s hand, based on the animation state of the character.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - I’m on my last leg here!!