Animation Starter Kit Character Jumping on Landing?

I am new to UE4 and just getting started, so forgive me if I reiterate on something or seem stupid… but I’d never know the answer unless I asked.

I loaded the Third Person Blueprint template, and then added the Animation Starter Kit to the project. I change it so I spawn as the Starter Kit’s character; all standard, no modifications. So here’s the problem:

If I walk forward and jump, thereby engaging the Jog Forward Jump animation, and then I let go of all input while the character is in mid-air, the character jumps again after landing. If I were to hold the forward button (or another directional button) until the Jog Forward Jump animation has completed and the character lands, it triggers the appropriate walk animation and the character won’t jump.

I was like, “Well, that’s awkward.” So I started trying to find ways to stop the character from doing that, and set up a Locomotion transition from Jog Jump to Idle… but I’m really at a loss on how to make it work. Everything I’ve tried either completely disables the jumping animation, or does absolutely nothing.

Has anyone else run into this issue? How can I fix it?

You miss a few anims in the anim-starter pack (JumpLoop, JumpEnd) so I think your best bet would be to remove that looping flag at the state and check if you are jumping via the movement component (like it’s done in third person template anim bp as well). Like this:


It’s not perfect but a bit better …as he does not run in air anymore. I would not leave it that way but create some jumploop anims or take upperbody from the anim-starter pack and lowerbody from third person pack and merge it together (somewhere at the spine bone) with LayeredBlendPerBone in the AnimGraph and Transform(Modify)Bone to adjust rotation of pelvis/spine between combat and non-combat anim. If you have some jumploop and jumpend I would take a look into the thirdperson anim BP that cames with the third person blueprint tempalte and add a few more states (e.g. jumpstart → timeratio < 0.1 → jumploop → not inAir? → jumpend → timeratio < 0.1 → idle/Run).