Animation Sequence uncorrectly advances playtime


I’ve trapped into situation when playing in multiplayer mode (simulating in PIE/running with few clients) that characters with ROLE_AutonomousProxy and ROLE_SimulatedProxy has different animation play rate through its constatly set to 1.0 on each Anim Sequence in Anim Graph. I’ve done some research and found that in case of character actor UpdateAnimation() function is called not by default tick route, but by UCharacterMovementComponent. Each time client sends ServerMove it also sends own timestamp and then on the server each movement calls PerformMovement with DeltaTime equal to previous timestamp subtracted from current timestamp.

As i understand server ignores its own deltatime and uses client based delta time clamped by MaxMoveDelta parameter from AGameNetworkManager.

I suspect that this way is causing problems to us. But i’m not sure whats wrong with it and how should solve this.