Animation Retargeting onto another Mesh

27c089dff4d8a6b04e7329ec29cd37e4e8bcd39f.jpeg1c87c66d3e123d507074cf5fd7b706241bf13529.jpeg27c089dff4d8a6b04e7329ec29cd37e4e8bcd39f.jpegHello Unreal Forum

Please bear with me, this is my first time posting something here.

So I made an elephant completely in Zbrush, did normal, retopo … everything.
Then I exported it, and opened in Unreal it shows 24k polygons.
Then I opened the same mesh in 3ds max .The same exported mesh shows 224k polygons in 3ds MAX where I rigged it and I’m animating it currently.

Now the main issue is, I want the 24k polygon mesh in game cuz of obvious reasons, its a game.
Can I retarget the skeleton from the 3ds max version to the lighter 24k Zbrush version mesh because rigging it will be a hassle and I don’t really know how are the two meshes same but show totally different poly count ?

Please guide me. I’ll be very grateful to you all.

please ignore the size of the Elephant in the 2 images being different, I was in a haste and did not set up the unit size when importing.

If it’s the same elephant with the same proportions, reference pose and skeleton, etc and the only thing different is the polycount I don’t think you need to do any retargeting so might be worth fixing the unit size. Since its not currently the same size open the skeletal mesh asset from the content browser, click ‘window’ in the top menu and select retarget manager. I believe the top section of the retarget manager is what you’re looking for.