Animation retarget error.

Hey guys, I am having an issue when I retarget an animation BP. If the animation has extra curves on it, the new retargetted animation will have curves but incorrect curve names. Has anyone else run into this? Is there a way around it?
If you look at this image on the left is the original animation, on the right is the retargetted animation. The curves are the same but the curve names are different.

I will leave this here in case anyone else runs into this. It appears to be a bug.
If you right click on an AnimationBP and retarget it, the animations it retargets will have incorrect curves on some of them.
The work around is this. You have to retarget the animations separately. So first I selected all animation sequences and retargetted them. Then Found all montages and retargetted them with “Allow remapping of existing assets” turned on, then did the blendspaces. Then lastly retarget the ABP, this seemed to mostly work, at least it worked better.