Animation reset

Here is how I did it. Im working on getting the little teleporting out of there on that last frame of the animation.

  • Go to the skeleton for the animated character. Add a socket based off of the root bone. Move that socket to the feet of the character. (You’re most likely going to have to keep playing around this location later)

  • Go to the actor with the animation and create a blueprint for that actor (not an animation blueprint)


  • Next, create a transform variable in the actor blueprint. Create an Event Tick and off of the skeletal component get the socket transform. Put the name of the socket you just made. Update the transform with the socket transform. We’re going to need this soon.

  • In the actual animation, on the last frame add a repnotify (right click the notify bar> add notify>new notify>name it).

  • Now, go to animation blueprint you said you created and create a transform variable. Create your animNotify event (like any other event, right click>type the name and select it). Now we’re going to get the owning actor and cast that to the actor blueprint we made in the second step to access the variable we made earlier. Get the transform variable from the actor blueprint, split the pins and setActorTransform to location(and scale if you want). The print string was just for me. Check teleport.

  • Last, in the anim graph, connect your animation to the final animation pose like you said you did anyway.

Should look something like this.


did this help?

Sorry for this simple question, I am very new to UE4, i have downloaded fbx model with animation and set the root for it and its working fine, I created animation blueprint and attach the animation with the “Final Animation Pose”

Now my animation is executing properly, but i want my animation to translate with the animation and location should not reset (as in the attached gif)


Please help me how can i achieve it…

If you want to use new location, when animation starts again, you need to go to your Animation Blueprint. Click “Class Defaults” (in Toolbar), and pick “Root Motion from Everything” in Root Motion Mode. I just had this problem at work. Took me some time to figure out :slight_smile: