Animation question when using free .FBX file. (YES I AM A NEWBIE)

First and foremost, Only been messing with UE4 about 3 days now. Watched a guy on youtube named Virtus Education, watched all 33 of his tutorials and got a nice basic understanding of UE4.

I used a website to download a free PBX character file. It came with .fbx file, .obj file and a bunch of JPGs for materials.

I started a new 3rd person project in UE4 and replaced the default mannequin with the .pbx file I downloaded. When I press play she just slides around on her feet.

Is there anyway I can get the 3rd person animations that came with UE4 to work with her? Been trying to find out how to add animations on youtube but can’t find a proper video.

Appreciate the help!

you’d likely want to look into animation retargeting…that should set you in the correct direction…


Appreciate it!

Update, I followed that link exactly but my char still just slides around on it’s feet. So apparently I done something wrong.

When you have dont the upper steps (so you have some animations assigned to your skeletal mesh) you will have to add everything into an anim bp and blendspace + choose the right anim bp in the character bp: :slight_smile:

Ah, i got you. Appreciate the help. I’ll mess with it tonight when I get off work and see how it turns out. I spent my entire afternoon yesterday trying to figure out why I couldn’t make my char run. All I was doing was just changing the default 3rd person mannequin to one of the free .fbx files I downloaded.

Starting to see now why they still charge $60 for new games that you can beat in 4 hours. All this work that takes so long just to get 1 char to move. But I’m sure once I do it enough and learn, it won’t take that long to throw in a skeletal mesh and have it running in no time.

My last question, after I have added the animations to the char and select the right BP, do I just click on the default 3rd person mannequin and change it to my new char? So I can run around as that player?

At the moment I’m finding it fun to just pick different character models I found online and throw them into the default 3rd person game and run around as them. My next step is to actually get the weapons working that comes with some of the models.

Another quick question if I may ask.

When I setup my new model and retarget it, the model is now laying down with all the animations. Why is this?

You replace the old character in your character bp + you will have to add your own anim bp (the settings above the skeletal mesh).

I managed to get it right , after a full pot of coffee and no sleep. I re-targeted my new char with my old char and set all the bones. I then just re-targeted the 3rd person animation BP to my new character and it worked.

The problem I ran into was, if I wanted to re-target another char and selected Sleketon > Retarget and tried to select humanoid bones, my old skeleton was still in there and when I went to re-target the anim BP it still only allowed me to select my old char instead of my new one. So I just had to exit out and re-start the 3rd person project.