Animation Packs by EPIC GAMES

Dear Epic! Is there any chance that we will see complete AAA animation pack for Third Person Shooter or First Person shooter kit made by your professional team? Including Idle animation, close combat animations, walking around with or without weapon, crouching, IK, multiplayer replication etc etc.

I am pretty sure, that there alot of people who would buy this pack with pleasure. Dont get me wrong, there are tons of animations at Marketplace, however there is no way to create smooth and high-quality animations BP combining them, its obviously. Its almost impossible for a single user create HQ Anim Bluerpint without MO-Cap Studio. And its not a challenge for you, Dear Epic, i think. I also doubt that someone can do it better than you. :slight_smile:

(Sorry for my Eng, its not my native language)

Hope for any reply :slight_smile: