Animation Not playing in game despite no error from state machine

Hi all,

I am quite new to the unreal engine and is learning the tool by implementing other people’s system on the marketplace.

I am currently trying to incorporate a horse riding system from a project from character A into my character B.

I have retargeted all the riding animations and make sure the animations in state machines are replaced with the retargeted animations for my character. I have also replicated the blueprints in character A to my character B.

The mechanics in editor view works fine, including mounting, dismounting, riding the horse - it’s ridable. Nonetheless, the rider animation just won’t play. the rider becomes standing A pose while mount/dismount and while riding the horse.

The project compiles just fine and in the debug mode I can see my rider animations, including mount, dismount, and sitting on horse animation firing. The whole riding mechanics works fine, the only thing is that the rider animations won’t play - the other animations like running/walking plays just fine, only the horse mounting.

Is there any way that state machine animations won’t play despite everything seems to be connecting correctly without compile error? Where would be a place to start troubleshooting - my gut feeling tells me that maybe my character’s ABP isn’t connecting to the Character BP correctly somehow?

As I have only started learning the tool in UE4 not long ago, please let me know if I can add any additional details!

Any inputs are appreciated!