Animation not found in vehicle

**Useful information:

  • What I want to animate is a bone of the vehicle, the value of the rotation is modified but the object does not move, it has a collision, so it does not move. The constrainst is all default

  • I update the animation With the AnimBP and a Timeline as always

  • Being out of the vehicle, I detect the Bone (That’s why I need the collision) with a BreakHitResult from LIneTraceByChannel, there it works and moves, because the collision of the vehicle is activated, but when I enter, it returns to the original position and it is impossible to move the bone**

Video Link Of problem CLICK HERE

The solution not recommended but it does work, is to make two identical bones, one to put a collision and detect it with the TraceByChannel, and the other to make the animation (without the collision) and attached to 3D