Animation not being recognized by Unreal Engine 4.26.2

I have this issue where I import this very simple door animation with the armature selected in object mode the bake animation export setting checked. Everything looks fine but when I import to unreal engine it does not register that a animation exists even though with what I am looking at in Blender there is a animation in place. This is really weird I have been having problems importing from Blender to Unreal Engine regularly. The Door is at the world Origin too.





IDK for sure, but I had some issues with importing animation with the Animation → Exported Time selected, which is default.

When importing, try selecting Animation → Set Range, and set the frames you need.

Man Unreal Engine is still not cooperating with me at all I checked everything.

I tried exactly what you said.

I unselected only deform bones in the Armature section within the export settings in Blender.