Animation Montage with root motion makes pawn freeze

I have an animation montage for a lunging sword attack, which has root motion for the lunge; the root motion is extracted, but not applied (as in, the model doesn’t lunge forward and snap back, but doesn’t move either) and to make matters worse, whilst the montage is running the pawn will not move in the horizontal plane; they will freeze in place. Quite literally, I can jump into the air, play the montage and the character will stop and drop like a stone (setting it to extract and ignore root motion at least fixes the pawn freezing issue, which would imply something about the extracted root motion is what’s fixing everything in place).

Animation asset has root motion enabled, Blueprint is set to ‘Root Motion from Montages Only’ in the defaults. I’ve no idea what I’m missing; is there some option in the Character settings somewhere? I’ve looked but I can’t find any options related to Root Motion outside of the Animation Blueprint.

I’m using Blender for modelling and animation, if that counts for anything.

no reply to this yet huh? I am interested in the same thing…

The root motion can just use with character movement.