Animation montage not playing fully in animBP?

Hi, so as the title says, an anim montage is played from the animBP but it does not play completely, or that is what I think.

In the video, you can see the arm going down (when I’m supposed to drink) which is not intended, and when I drop the mug while drinking the arm goes up for a short time. The arm going up is what I’m trying to achieve when drinking. Getting kinda frustrated after hours of trying to fix this.

AnimBP’s event graph:


well you can start by setting the ease in and ease out of the montage to zero

Where is that? I assume it’s in the montage but I don’t see a setting for it.

Asset Details > Blend Options

There will be a Blend In and Blend Out option. Set the blend time, usually .25 by default and set it to Zero. This will start and end the animation from end to end.

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That fixed it, thanks a lot!

…(edit) except I have another problem which I kinda knew that would happen… The animations snap to their places now which is not what I want either

Why isn’t it just 0 by default??? I’ve been trying to fix this for days now!