ANIMATION is driving me CRAZY!

hi , i have been having the hardest time of my entire life trying to get animation to work without hiccups
no when ever i import an animation it always change the direction to facing forward Example imported an animation where character strafe left , it messed it up by making it walk that the strafe looks like i’m looking back
or when i imported aim down sight animation it made it so aiming is to the left and walking forward witch was supposed to be walk side ways and aim forward.

Is your import/export settings consistent? Are you using the recommended settings for ue4 and your 3d software?

yes sure i’m using it
i used that reimport rotation solution and it worked fine

you can always use the re import function when you face animation rotation or position importing incorrectly
in the asset detail > transform set the animation to what ever works for you then click re import in the top left corner
and that’s it
took me 11 days to know about it
have fun and good luck .