Animation import problem (Maya to UE4)

Hello and sorry if I do not find my topic in the right place I am new on the forum!

I have a problem with importing an animation into UE4. Let me explain: I designed a character, which I rigged with advenced skelleton. The character is skinned and animated. However I encounter several problems when importing in UE4

First: activating the Up Axis Z in maya during the export and activating the axis X force in UE4 does not work; the character is still not imported in the right way as well as the animation I am obliged to do the transform manually

Second problem: I animated on character with feet in IK and arms in FK. When I play the animation in UE4, everything moves according to the pelvis; instead of the feet staying on the ground and everything else moving I end up with a pelvis that doesn’t move in the space but legs that moving in space, as the pelvis was the center of animation.

Did I miss any steps in the export? Or is it in the configuration of the character in the UE4? Or do you have other solutions to bring?

Thanks for your help I found nothing about it …

Hello everyone, finally the problem is solved and I intend to share it with you … it was simply because the main bone was on the pelvis … because UE4 did not read the animation correctly it was simply necessary to create a new bone on the ground and put it parent of the set so that UE4 understands that the center of gravity of the character is at these feet. You can close the subject thank you anyway!