Animation from Blender to UE4

I wanted to import animation of static meshes from blender to UE4, so that when I interact with them, the animation plays.
If I wanted to make a gate mesh and import it so that it opens up after pressing F, how do I do it if I’m importing the animation from Blender as well.

I recommend following this tutorial

What I want is the animation also to come from Blender. I know how to make animations in UE4.
But, if I have made an animation in Blender(also, its simpler than UE4), how do I import the animation as well.
SO, what I want to do is

  1. Import
  2. Add trigger box and connect it to a node called ‘Play animation’
  3. The door opens.
    Thus, I havent used timeframes, LERP, etc. as it is much simpler on Blender(Keyframes)

Interesting, I’m not aware that you could trigger - talk to the Blender anim, but if that is possible, go for it.

That tutorial link i posted is easier than it looks, half of it is not required to have the door open, and can be easily edited.

I know that the UE4 way is easy, thats how Im doing it, but when you begin to move a large number of objects, and quite complicated motions at that.
Eg. You want to move 5-10 objects in concert with each other, but some of them should suddenly diverge.
Stuff like that while possible in UE4, makes for a quite irritating experiance. Thus, I wanted the animation from Blender :slight_smile:
I dont even want the trigger talk, always on in a loop, or start with begin Play is also fine