Animation frame rate vs video

I am trying to use a video and its timing to recreate the scene from the video as it plays as audio in the background of my 3D recreation.

The video runs at 25fps originally.

I just cant seem to sync up my unreal timing with the video.

What frame rate is unreal running at when I hit simulate ?
(as of posting this I have set my animation rate to 25 fps in the project settings/ prefs, it seems to make things worse)

and how do I sync them up so that on event begin, my source audio plays…

I am playing the video on begin event…
and trying to use delays to trigger my sequences… along with print text so I know things are working…

but they are not matching up in the timing…

How would I do this correctly so my VR experience plays at the same timing as the source audio ?

ie here is my legend for the source video and its major events

0.07 min torch lit / 4.2 secs

1.33 fall…/ 79.8 - 4.2 = 75.6
2.01 up 120.6

3.03 torch out… 181.8

3.05 emerge… seconds 183

3.14 flow, engulf…188.4
3.22 smokey stand up…193.2

3.27 look at ben, face to face… 196.2

3.30 surround…198

3.31 - 3.35 flash…198.6

4.26 - 4.36 smokey back in

My sequences are using the same rate as the source video/audio, 25fps…

but I just cant seem to get it timed right.

Any advice out there ?