Animation completely distorted after import into UE4

Hi guys,

I’m trying to import into UE4 an animation (just the skeleton and assign it to the mannequin). The result is like the attached image.

Can someone help me to figure out what’s wrong with this animation ? Is it related to the z-up/y-up axis system, the joint rotation, or something else ?

I attach the fbx file. Thanks!

Hi Arlyn,

I still not understand why on other 3D software the skeleton is correct and the animation too.

Probably when you assign the Skeleton Mesh on import the engine try to calculate or match something.

Hello Arlyn,

Yes the extra-bones should be ignored by UE4. Now I’m quite sure that the problem is the joint rotation. I modify my software in order to show what format unreal use as default.

It exports animation as Maya/3D Studio Axis System (Z-Up, -Odd, RightHand)

UE4 do not care if the imported animation is in Z-Up or Y-Up axis system but for sure it do something with the joint rotations and bones.

In order to test it I exported the default Mannequin Idle animation to an FBX and imported it into my 3D software, then I saved 2 new copies with Z-Up and Y-Up axis system.

As you can see from the screenshot UE4 can reimport the animation and everything works great.