Animation bugging when spamming left click

I am new in unreal engine and I’m trying to create a simple left click attack for my character. It works fine but when I spam my left click the character stays for a while in the first frames of the animation. I think it is because it still gets input throughout the whole operation (i dont know if delays stop the inputs or not) and it starts back from the beginning. I want it to not get inputs while an animation is playing, but I can’t find something that works

Where is the animation itself played from? If it’s in a state machine on the anim blueprint, maybe there’s something off with the transition rules?

The IsAttacking branch at the start there should work to ignore input though.

Maybe because I spam it, it restarts from the beggining before reaching the set node. Or I am just missing something in my animation bp. I attach it.

The update animation event should be fine, as it would only set there based on what’s on the character.

Either there’s another event on the character that’s also setting IsAttacking somehow, or there’s something wrong in the anim graph.