Animation Blueprint slightly laggy and problems with IKinema

Hello all! Wanna copy paste my special case related with my Animation Blueprint.

I bet anyone could give me some clues or show me a way to look for. After what I found hours ago (opening AnimBP makes the entire editor be laggy as hell), I start thinking theres somekind of bug or problem with Anim Blueprint. Would be pleasured to read ideas about what could be happening.

I could make a very vague resume:
IKinema works fine in my laptop (1070) and seems to work for a few miliseconds in an old computer (GTX650) and stops working.
Any Animation looks like slightly laggy on my old computer but on my laptop works perfect.
Hours ago found AnimBP freezes and lags my UE Editor while developing and coding.
Its a multiplayer game but is not a network related problem because the laptop replicates everything perfect as client or server.

Why could something work in a computer and doesnt in another?
Could it be somekind of bug in Anim Blueprint which can be used perfectly in powerful machines and in old machines gets stuck cause cant handle that problem?

Here is the entire full story from IKinema forum with screenshots:


Hello! Im making a multiplayer game which uses IKinema plugin and I have a weird problem which I dont know how to fix and attack. This is the situation:

  • I have a powerful laptop with a nvidia 1070 and used it as Hosting Server and as Client.
  • Next to it I have an old computer for testing which have an old GTX650 which also have been tested as Hosting Server and as Client.

What I get is that both executables works but the old computer is not able to reproduce IKinema on Client nor Server Characters with no difference between acting itself as Server or as Client. The executable on the laptop works fine as the other and reproduce IKinema perfectly on clients and on servers, which no differences between acting itself as Server or Client. Seems like the problem is the computer itself. I have to say that FPS are very low on the old computer. Could it be somekind of limitation or ordering preferences that can make it stop working if theres so much charge over the cpu or gpu or network? I can provide some screenshots. The ones that work is from the laptop. One bear is Client and the other as Hosting Server. I think is not a network problem for this.

The old computer is a Medion PC MS-7667 with Windows 7 x64, Intel Core i7-2600K 3.40GHz, 12Gb RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 650. Nvidia Drivers v 391.35. Have been checking focusing on details and found something which Ill try to explain:

  • I made a server hosting with the laptop. In my game, when you join the server or start the map, the Character blueprint have no mesh and pops up a simple Character Menu where you choose which Animal you want to be. I choose Bear and I spawn as a Bear making the Character BP to change/load Mesh to SK_Bear mesh, Bear Animation BP, Bear Material, etc… It works perfect. So I decided to take the Bear with front legs over a rock and rear legs on the ground.
  • Then with the old computer I join the game I created before with the laptop. Pops up the Character Menu again which have a transparent background and few buttons. I can see the Bear from the laptop in the right position so for me that means at some point at least for a few seconds or milliseconds, the plugin works and do its job.
  • If I move the Bear laptop around, without choosing on my old computer any Character, keeps the initial position and dont modify the alignment so here stops working the plugin. Then I choose Bear on my old computer and spawn as Bear but obviously, the position of the Bear laptop keeps like the initial one even if I move around. And, about the Bear old computer, it just stays in its initial position.

Let me show you the screenshots I took:

  • Here you see the Bear laptop on the right position before choosing any Character on the temporal Char Menu. Seems the plugin stops working here when old laptop join the server:
  • Here you see the Bear laptop on the same position and Bear old computer adopt a wrong unknow position which will keep since now, front legs below the map and rear legs over the surface:
  • Now I move forward the Bear laptop to show it freeze its position so if I go forward, rear legs goes below the surface/inside the rock and front legs goes over the surface on the air:
  • Finally Here I made a screenshot from laptop Bear and shows the old computer bear over the water (which is expected to happen if IKinema works):
  • And from the old computer Bear I made a screenshot with brightness to the max, as sadly is expected, water doesnt affect because IKinema stopped working:


Hi Simon, have been checking more things and I have noticed something that maybe you see interesting and the root of the IKinema problem. I have been experiencing log of lag sometimes using Unreal Engine Editor on the laptop. Today was crazy, hella laggy. Just even opening a BP and create new nodes or moving around the code pressin right click was mad. So I just saw the Anim BP (where IKinema nodes are) was open or minimized. Just closing the Anim BP, the lag dissapeared completely. Now… Could this be related with the IKinema in the old machine? Somekind of bug or stress when packaging which this powerful laptop can handle but not the old computer? Just thinking. Thnx as always


Thank you and hope theres a workaround with this.
Drives me crazy :frowning:

A different question but related to IKinema.
Do you plan to use a dedicated server to run the game? If you do you need to either ditch Ikinema plugin or be ready to pay them for a custom engine build.
This is due to the fact that they don’t provide the source for the plugin and it is required for packing the dedicated server build.

Well I was thinking in using dedicated server.
Didnt thought it could be a problem in the future.
I still havent found a solution to my problem anyway.

Just wanna leave a comment about this that maybe someone find useful.
I have a Function called AutoFPS that executes some console commands if the FPS while the intro is playing are in a specific range.
Few days ago I realized that function made iKinema stops working 100%, the red lines used to calculate the alignment of the body mesh with the terrain landscape shape just dissapear. That happened when AutoFPS started to be used some typical commands you could use to set some game video-settings.

This function Executes Console Command does the following:
r.ScreenPercentage 100
sg.ViewDistanceQuality 1
sg.AntiAliasingQuality 1
sg.PostProcessQuality 2
sg.ShadowQuality 1
sg.TextureQuality 2
sg.EffectsQuality 2

After some more testing, I got a final solution.
From all the Execute Console Command nodes, sg.ViewDistanceQuality 1 is the one that made iKinema stops working.
If I just use the value 2 (sg.ViewDistanceQuality 2), it works fine.