Animating or Rigging problem

I am a new dev in UE4 and i just switched from unity, but what i don’t understand is the rigging of it (a little off-topic). I am creating the character completely using blocks so its minimal. Blocks_Character.PNG I export it to blender and try to rig it so i can animate it, but it doesn’t move with the bones. So, I thought it was no big deal but when i try to animate it, it doesn’t let me because it doesn’t have a skeleton. I need help to find out how to rig it.

Can’t help you with the rigging in Blender - that is something you’ll have to find outside of the forum.
But I can point you at a tool to create a UE4 skeleton in Blender that you can rig too: [ADDON BLENDER] UE Tools.]([ADDON BLENDER] UE Tools - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums)

Sorry, I’m just completely new with this. Also Thanks for the Addon!