Animating in UE help!

Hello guys,

So not having the money to use Maya, I am adapting Maya tutorial videos and taking pre-existing skeletal animation, and playing around with them to learn how to animate skeletal rig, so I can later use them on character meshes and blueprints. I know, some of you will think, why don’t you just use or download already created skeletal animations. Well, as much as they are great, a lot of them don’t suit my style, or don’t have the look or feel I want. Plus, after hours of work, it feels satisfying to look at something you have made and feel happy about it.

Now with UE being good and so many things and you are able to do a lot of things in it, it is still not a dedicated system to do everything perfectly. Maya for example is more dedicated to animation, and they have a million features suited to its needs. I was curious about a few features, that I have not discovered or in UE at all, bu if they are they might help me animate better.

So Maya has a weight system that you can add to your models, and a floor your models push down on, this gives them a sense of gravity, and so moving certain bones influences others. So does UE animation system have either of these features or is there a plugin that can help to bring this into UE? With UE models being a floating rig, you have to manually adjust a lot of bones throughout the rig to accomplish this look.

Also for you top animators, is there any DO and DON’T you can share with someone learning?

The latest UE Control Rig supports IK and FK so if you want the hand to lift up you can raise it up and the other bones will move properly.
You can also blend animation and use additive animation tracks.

Thank you very much, this is great, now I just have to learn the system :slight_smile:

Also, does anyone know how to adjust the playback time. Currently, I am trying to adjust an already existing walking animation. Now from all that I have learned, 32 frames is the best or accepted frame time to get the best overall walking cycle. However, the current walking animation I have has only 29 frames of playback frames. I have searched high and low in the system and I have yet to find the option.

For reference, it is this red bar in this SS that I am trying to move!

Walking cycle times can vary depending on the character and style. If this is for use in sequencer you cna do some basic retiming there.

Hi, yes the different walking cycles can vary in frames, depending if it is a casual walk, brisk walk, and so on, I was just going with a basic walk to learn the system, baby steps as the old expression goes.

In the control rig sequencer, you can slide the capture/record window slider to the desired time, but in the original UE animator you can’t, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. Control rig to me,(if a little buggy) seems an overall better tool to use, because of its ability to procedurally generate new movements, which can cut out a lot of busywork.

However, learning the system is a new challenge on its own :frowning: