Animating a static mesh in Matinee

Select the static mesh and then right click on the new empty group > Actors > Add Selected Actors. Now you should be able to set a keyframe.

I’m trying to animate a rotation of a static mesh with Matinee.

I’ve set the mesh as movable, created an empty group with a single movement track within. Then I select the static mesh from scene tree view, pick a time from the timeline in Matinee window and press Enter to create a keyframe.

However, I get the error message “Nothing to keyframe, or selected object can’t be keyframed on this type of track.”
Apparently the selection of the object is cleared when I change focus to the Matinee window.

Are there some additional restrictions on which objects can be animated, or is this a bug of some sort?

I’m using UE 4.8.1.

Thanks, now the keyframes are added correctly but still for some reason it doesn’t animate when playing. I also tried splitting the movement to translation & rotation and then setting the values by hand.

Edit: Turns out I had just picked the wrong actor. Thanks!