Animating a door

Hello and good night/evening/afternoon/morning!

I’m doing a little archviz project, and I’ve constructed a blueprint for a door. I have a door which can basically open and close thanks to a blueprint, which I’ve attached in this post.

The next thing I want to do is add a knob, which can also rotate when you press a button. The thing is, I want to rotate it in a different axis than the door - so it rotates as if you were opening the thing -, and then rotate it with the door. I don’t really know how to do that, since I’m not much of an expert in blueprints… so any help will of course be welcome. Thanks for that and also for your time reading this!



By the look of your blueprint you are using static meshes, i don’t understand portugues but you probably made your door knob (a static mesh) a child of your door (a static mesh as well) ? If so then you just need to take a reference to your door knob and rotate it into whatever axis fit your need.

Hi RawRamen!

I didn’t make the knob a child yet, as the blueprint example I posted was just the door without the knob. But I was going to add the knob as a child, and I’m interested to know how can I select the axis I want the knob to rotate in. Can it rotate in two axis as well? What I mean by that is that the knob would need to rotate first around its own axis, so it appears to be opening, and then - or at the same time - rotate around the parent door’s axis in order to follow the door. Is that possible?


If the knob is a child of the door it will automatically “move / rotate” along with the door. Then on top of that you can rotate the knob on it’s local axis. Basically, it’ll just work as long as you use the correct axis, in local space. That’s kind of the nature of parent child relationship. The child inherits the parent motions and can do it’s own on top of that.

Oh, thanks Obihb! I didn’t know that, but it makes sense. I´ll give it a try and will come back with an updated blueprint if I manage to achieve my desired results. Thanks again!