Animating a blueprint cinematic character with the sequencer

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to animate a character to create an offline cinematic, a video basically. The character I’ve create it split in different parts, between the head, the hair, the body etc… The idea being that later I would be able to re purpose this character by swapping some elements like clothes for example. Now all my elements for the character are skeletal mesh skinned to the same skeleton and they’re combine in a blueprint using the Set Master Pose Component. This works but this is as far as I can go.

I have no idea on how I can link my animation to that blueprint in the Sequencer. I’ve checked quite a few tutorials but they’re all about either getting an animated playable character, or how to directly get a skeletal mesh animated in the sequencer. I know that I need to use blueprints as I want to attach an object to my character at some point during the animation. I also want to use corrective morph targets so I should probably use a blueprint animation for that too. I’m sure people have run into that problem before, so does anyone knows how to do this?

Thanks a lot!