Animated textures on characters

I have a model that’s supposed to have animated parts to in. Here’s the result I’m trying for…


Here’s whats I got.


Any help would be appreciated!

Also, on a related note, how can I get that Sobel edge (like in the first image) post process effect in my game? I have the material and it’s blueprint, but I get the default book-looking outline on the screen…

EDIT: I got the colours right through using lerp, now I just need it animated and flattened like a sprite

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First of all you need to play with materials here if I understood your problem, one of them is Emission Color the other thing you need is Word Displacement for here’s a link:LINK
Ps:Cool bird :smiley:

is this for the flames or the sobel?

Nope that’s for the wing to be shiny and look like fire moving.