Animated Low Poly Water on Mobile


there are some nice low poly water tutorials on the web. However, they’re all based on DDX and DDY which are both not available on mobile.

I made some experiments with a basic box mesh and tesselation and it looks kinda fine:

…but as soon as I build the lighting it looks like this:

Question 1: Does anyone know why the lighting removes all the shadows (and the low poly style)?
Question 2: How would you create and animate low poly water on mobile?

Your question is a little bit under-specified to answer generally. There are many ways to give the effect of water, depending on the art style you’re going for.
You can make water as a simple flat plane, with two or three textures on it, that blend together, with texture coordinate animation.
It all depends on what you really need – do you need the water waves to move up and down in world space? If so, perhaps build a morph target in 3ds Max for that animation?

I don’t use textures in my “art style”. It’s a very basic low poly style with single colors. Here’s a similar example based on DDX and DDY:


Morph Targets (or Shape Keys in Blender) might be the way to go, thanks for the suggestion. If anyone knows a better solution, please let me know.

Thanks :slight_smile: