Animate speed of a panning texture over time?

Hi all, I currently have a texture I’m panning using a simple panner node. The issue I have is I want to have the material set to any speed I want by default (including no movement) and over time, begin to speed up or slow down more and more. I initially tried multiplying a constant with a time node and plugging that into the time input of the panner, then animating the constant from 0 to 1 in Matinee, but the texture seems to pan extremely fast while the constant is animating then it returns to a reasonable speed whenever the animation is stopped. I’m assuming this is because I’m changing the rate of time instead of the actual rate of the texture movement.

Does anyone know of a way to achieve this? I want to be able to essentially set the panner to any speed by default and smoothly increase or decrease that speed with matinee. (Think a conveyor belt that is moving and I can speed it up or slow it down smoothly) Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Your best bet would be to control offset of the texture from a blueprint via parameter and dynamic material instance, rather than relying on time node or panner in the material.