Animate pistons (rotation and shift in the same time)

Hi community,
Im new here. Every day im watching this forum and its help. Hope someday i will be able to help someone.
But right now, at the start point im the who need help :slight_smile:

Im working on technical App where will be many motion things. So i want know how this things works in UE4.

My goal is, see image below.

Mesh1 and mesh2 has the same pivot point, so its not hard set new rotation position. But i need also move with mesh 1 straight - 50mm. In the same time (5s).
Like in real world.

So mesh1 and mesh 2 rotating around Z. And i also need push the piston 50mm in X axis. But then this is happens.

I know where is problem. Its pushing X correctly but i have to set the current possition of X(mesh2) when its rotating.

I do research and i think, i have to use something like GetVectorRight or something like that, but still can not get results.

Could you get me some example with nodes?
Thank you