Animate a random model within the level sequencer

I want to have a large object/mesh moving across my environment every 10 seconds.
I want this model to be picked at random from one of 10 models, but the model will always have the same animation path.
Can the model be (A) picked at random within the level sequencer or do I need to (B) create 10 separate animations and add these to an array ?
If (B) is the only solution, what blueprint node is used to select from an array at random ?

I never use the sequencer because of various flexibility issues, but you can do this very easily in a BP.

However, with the sequencer in mind, can you use it to animate a BP that’s placed in the level?

If so, the just write the BP to always adopt a random mesh from a selection.

Inside the BP, you just have an array of options ( which you define in the details panel ) and each time the BP is called it decides randomly on a mesh using ‘random int in range’… ( to pick the array index ).