anim trail problem

when I update the engine to 4.6.1 I found that the anim trail no longer work anymore.
i dont know it’s a bug or something else
the main problem is when I add a notify to the animation and add a trail particle
then I can’t assign a bone or socket name which works well in ue4.5
of course it works by adding an emitter event in blueprint but add notify in the animation is more efficiency
wish anyone can help me about this, thx:D
here’s my screenshot

i just tried type the full name of socket instead of select a name in the index and now it works:D

You save me. Godbless you.

Just wanted to point anyone else who has this issue in the right direction. If you were following Zak Parrish’s tutorial like I was, it’s actually out of date. You now have to add an AnimTrail type data to your particle (Right click on the emitter node and add new type data from the list). The full details are here:…rail-data.html