Anim Montage not displaying animation properly!

Hey everyone, I have a problem with a punch system in animation montage.

I followed the third person tutorial:

I had animation that have root motion, and ticked the root motion boxes on the left of the montage window to make sure the character moves. I created a test character and made sure everything was working, and it did!

But when I created a new character and set everything up the same, everything works, but the animation’s don’t display! What I mean is that when I click the mouse to start punching, the character will use the root motion and dash forward, but instead of a proper punch animation, the character simply playes a running animation instead!

I have been looking and looking, but I can’t find out how to fix this! I need help :C

When this happens, it means the montage is playing (hence the root motion is playing), but the AnimGraph is not showing the Slot that the montage is outputting to.

This could be because the Slot is inside a state that the state machine isn’t entering correctly (or some other pose-related issue like a blend by bool/enum not being in the correct position), or because the slot names are mismatched between the montage and Slot player.

Yes. It ended up being the slot node in the anim graph. Thank you!