Anim BP Blending and Switching

On my long looong journey of trying to make poseable and skeletal meshes combine I found out one this is not possible it seems and two the only option that fills in the gap sorta is Anim BP the issue is now. You can only have one or the other in a scene. The issue arises with this ball of gum.

I have one animation BP set where I can edit the bones etc as if I was editing with poseable meshes. However if I say set the character down with an Anim BP I cannot edit the bones without some seriously painful issues happening. What I need is a graph with all my anim BP with one being allowed to blend and add to the others while the others can be switched out with whatever preset I select.

It would be something like this.

(anim bp of all the bones) add to (preset 1 anim bp) (umg button y press select this) (switches between these two because they are not additives)
(preset 2 anim bp) (umg button x press select this)
(preset 3 anim bp) (umg button z press select this)

etc etc. The anim bp additive would be added to any preset as seen. It may have an effect or not depending on if the bone in the additive is edited to affect the presets. Say preset 1 is an arm grabbing something, and the anim bp additive has fingers bent a certain way but I did not like preset 1 so I choose 2 and this one is got the arm waving, however, the additive does not change it still has the fingers bent a certain way. Now I move the leg it should not affect the additive in any way since the additive can only be changed by the UMG. A pretty simple concept to grasp I think but I am missing how to do it. I tried different methods BP wise but never could find a lego piece to complete the gap.

(then again depending on the preset I may want it to change the additive if the hand is a fist, I do a preset for a chop, it should change. However, if the hand is a chop and I mess with the additive it should add or replace how the hand is bending and such.)

The only thing I can think of is having each Anim BP have the same exact bit over and over. Same with any presets for minor things. Like a fist preset can be formed at any time.

All of these would blend together sorta like this. Add all the bone rotations and such to each one (16*3) Also add all the hand presets (dunno how many) to the presets and the head. Add the head presets to the hands presets, and to the presets, etc, etc. Of course with blends and such.

At least currently this seems to be the only option.