Angular Dampening on a Physics material


is there a way to add Angular Dampening to a Physics material?

Let me elaborate. I am prototyping some basic concepts for my game in UE4, and one of the things I would like to have is different surface materials influencing rolling of spheres differently. To put it in a real world scenario, imagine a gentle slope and three spheres at the top of it: a balling ball, a tennis ball and a ping pong ball. They start rolling down over concrete material, gaining speed. Then they go over a portion covered in thick carpet: bowling ball is uninterrupted, tennis ball is slowed down a bit but crosses the patch, ping pong ball stops midway. After that there is grass, which slows the bowling ball, and stops the tennis ball. You get the gist of it.

I managed to achieve the result by creating a volume that physical bodies, and actors, pass through, and on begin overlap, I adjust the overlapping body’s angular dampening. It works, but if I am to build levels of any considerable complexity, it’s going to be cumbersome, and hard to maintain. Having a physical material, that I could apply to many surfaces and then change the behaviour of all of them at once would be awesome. Can it be done somehow?

I hope I explained myself good enough and that this is the right forum for the question.