Angry Mage Simulator

This VR demo appeared straight from the gesture recognition project as a VR version.

(VR) Angry Mage Simulator Demo - YouTube"]DOWNLOAD LINK

Kinda tutorial for demo:
Move/fly with left controller touchpad

Punch bots with right hand

Gestures with pressed Rtrigger:
Swing to - magic arrow
Cross - black hole
G starting from above - homing fire
up and down vertically - kinda Godsmack)
spiral - levitation (draw with medium speed), click Ltouchpad to walk again

Gestures with pressing Ltrigger:
See images in the MagicSystem folder and draw by right controller!

If you are much higher than bots, press LGrip with HMD on the belly height.

Get fun!

Besides motion and draw gestures there is damage system, basic AI and physics.

Ask your questions guys!