Andromeda Wild launches on Kickstarter

Andromeda Wild is an Extrasolar Action Survival game for PC that puts players in the role of a lone survivor of a shipwreck on an alien planet somewhere in the middle of the Andromeda Galaxy. You and your canine companion Asher must use your wits to survive. Hunt alien wildlife, gather berries, fruit and mushrooms, craft weapons and build shelter to survive long enough to make contact with a nearby space colony and escape the planet!

Whatever you do, keep the lighthearted humor. I like it alot :smiley:

Ha ha! Glad you like it. No worries, that’s definitely my plan :slight_smile:

Saw it today on Kickstarter before I saw this post. My only thought is be sure to make it as easy as possible for press to contact you :slight_smile: They hate using contact forms! Get a Do Presskit page live or something they can quickly get what they need from.

Otherwise best of luck! Looks like a fun game!

Good luck…

Thanks for the suggestion Ironbelly. I’ve now got a press page that I’m linking to from the main website and my campaign page.

Thanks masterc82!

wow looks like your getting there, not a fan of ks so when you go early access please give me a shout

wish you the best :slight_smile:

I support all games with cycloptic creatures in them. Good luck!

Ha ha! Awesome! What do you call a creature with no eyes?

Thanks Geo, I’ll be sure to :slight_smile:

… No eye deer Torque? :smiley: