AndroidManifest and Java files are rewritten everytime the project is built

I tried the following workflow:

  1. Build a basic project for Android, so it will add Android project files to the project folder
  2. Edit [Project]\Intermediate\Android\APK files (AndroidManifest and some custom Java Code) with what I needed, then I bridge this code in C++ with a similar logic that is present in the engine’s AndroidJNI.cpp
  3. Tried to build again

The problem is that UE rewrites the whole \Intermediate\Android folder with the Engine’s default everytime I build for Android, thus taking away any possibility of customising the AndroidManifest and Java files. How to work around this?

Hi Alfred,

The Intermediates directory is just that, intermediate, and should never be hand-modified. Instead, you can ‘enable’ Android support for your project in the Project Settings (this will copy the engine manifest and icons into your project directory so they can be further customized). After that, hit the [Open Manifest Folder] to find the folder containing the manifest. You should be able to edit this copy of the file, and changes you make will persist thru packaging / rebuilds / etc…

Michael Noland

Hey Michael,

Oh, snap! How come I didn’t notice that button? :slight_smile: I was so mind closed looking for an answer in the engine’s source code and build process that I didn’t look in the most obvious place. Since I posted this (02/May) I was still breaking my head around this issue.

Thanks for the tip!