Android vs Apple publishing


I would like to start a debate here or atleast get some input which platform was easier and simpler to publish on. And why.

Here is my experience.
Apple takes up to a week to approve your game.
Google does it in a few hours.

Actually getting my game on Apple was much easier and android.
For one. Apple generates their certs on the site. Its easy to keep track of the profiles and certs.
Packaging for IOS works from UE4 4.7.2
Packaging for android on UE$ 4.7.2 was a total nightmare.

By total nightmare i mean it was so bad that i possibly lost a few years of my life from the stress and frustration.
1: it does not compress anything
2: case sensitive naming
3: Inability to choose own ID’s
4: Must establish extra fingerprint verification because you are using self signed certificates
5: must manually sign APK’s
6: Information gathered to achieve all this took hours. Had to fish for bits and pieces of information to make everything work. There is no one stop shop to get something published

So why do i prefer apple then
1: all the information was available within 10 minutes of searching
2: i don’t have to go through a tedious fingerprint verification
3: I dont have to run 4 separate commands and can do packaging from the editor


So for me i would say its a 20% Android publishing satisfaction where the entire 20% is made up of not having to wait a week for my app to be visible
And a 80% Apple satisfaction simply because i dont have to go read 5000 answerhub posts, read API documentation and download and install 3rd party tools to package and sign my game.

I would like to hear your experiences on this.
In truth… a small part of me hopes Epic does not simplify or fix anything android related. Simply because i just went on a 7 hour journey through hell to make it work… and i would get much satisfaction knowing everyone suffers like this.

Also keep in mind. I have never developed anything for android so i had no previous knowledge to speed up the process.