Android Tablet hardware recommendation

Hi all,

I’m trying to get my customers to get into using Android tablets together with UE4 for some interactive / AR related projects. The thing is, I’d like to develop for specific hardware - from what I have gathered, Tegra K1 based tablets appear to be the best hardware platform right now for Unreal? However it appears that the Nvidia Shield tablet has been discontinued and there hasn’t been a whole lot of development in that direction. So, my question, what would you guys recommend for as a development tablet that has the following attributes:

  • good to very good UE4 performance (Tegra based? Others?)
  • around 9" in size (but not a must)
  • easily available in Europe - I want to be able to just recommend the same hardware that I develop on to the customer so he just gets a bunch of those

Any suggestions?


The Nexus 9 uses Tegra K1 if you want to stick with Nvidia GPU. Nexus devices are also easily upgraded since Google provides the system images.

Yeah I saw that but just the other day Google took the Nexus 9 out of their store and is now only selling the Pixel C, so that kills the availabilty :frowning:

Oh i am lucky then to have 2 nvidia shields. One with faulty battery, so they gave me new one.

If they discontinued shield tablets i think they are getting ready for new tablet with new chip on it.
I think they may be out of tegra chips, and are making new ones.

And for mobiles, it is quite important to test them on minimum devices and phones.
Those older devices tend to overheat quite fast, and you do not want to have customers phone melt.

Yeah that’s why I want to have a “standard” device here to tell my customer to just go out and buy. Since these developments will be bespoke, I want to limit the hardware variance to basically zero, if possible.

As for the Shield, I have my fingers crossed that there will be a Tegra X1 based one eventually, but so far all I see is K1’s disappearing from the shops :frowning:

How about the other chips out there, like the x86 based ones or the other ARMs? Anything that’s just super compatible to UE4?