Android Packaging Failed: Automation Tool Error

Upon attempting to package my game for Android- either in Development or Shipping Mode- I received a “Build Failed” message that points to an automation tool error. I understand that automation tool errors may actually signify issues occurring elsewhere in the package. The log file is linked below.

link text

On a different note, I have successfully packaged this game for Windows without any significant trouble. Thank you in advance.


Try update TADAP.

For UE4 you should use SDK version 24.3.4 with API 23 (for Android 6), but you have only 23.0.1.

Go to *C:\NVPACK\android-sdk-windows* and start SDK Manager.exe. SDK Manager automatically selects all items in the list with updates. Also in list check Android 6.0 (API23). If this not marked, marked it. Press Install. If manager ask restart it, do this and check for update. When all the updates is completed, for quick test, create project from any template and package it. If all OK, try package your project.

Thank you very much, I seem to be getting somewhere! However, there is a new error, seemingly due to my apache directory. The log file is linked below.
link text