Android mobile render distordet sky, texture and freezed game on different devices

Hi, i am new to unreal and trying to make a runner game for android device. Many thanks to unreal and epic family for android opportunity. So when i packaged the game, on some devices the game render look like in unrel editor quality, but on some other devices render is looking really distordet, and game is going to slow some how. i am in searching 3 days and tried much things. Here is pictures on different devices.

Casper with intel proccessor device

Sony xperia e4g

Sony xperia e4 and LG G4 STYLUS looks like tihs.
sony xperia e4 and LG G4 stylus.png

Engine version is 4.13
Target hardware is mobile and maximum quality

Here is my packing settings

Here is my render settings
render settings 2.PNG

Here is my android settings

And here is what i have tried
-> Disabled all post procces feature didnt work.
-> Packing only ETC1 didnt work.
-> Packing for all texture types didnt work.
-> Didint used scaled texture and didnt work.
-> Scalable 2D or 3D didnt work.
-> checked opengl3.1 didnt work.
-> checked arm64 didnt work.

and tried other much things which is discussed in many forums which i dont remember and didnt work.

Sorry for bad english.

Ok after digging the web in a few days, found that the devices with the mali400 GPU has this issue. Xperia e4 and LG g4 stylus has mali400 GPU. Tried on xperia e4g->Mali-T760MP2, xperia Z5->Adreno 430 GPU,casper via8 tablet->Mali-T720 MP2 GPU everything is fine. in my country many people uses economical or cheap smart devices, like me :smiley: So that in 2016 already some devices uses mali400. isnt there any solution for that?